Freitag, 2. September 2011

The Streets of Berlin: August Photos

Above: Cat laps up late afternoon sun in art studio window - Kreuzberg.

Above and Below: Crowd chilling at beach club pre-festival warm-up party, where Ellen Allien was headline act. Rummelsburg.

Below: open air (illegal) party in the forest - East Berlin.

Below: Muralist at work outside of Friedrichshain club.

Below: club-side graffiti in Kreuzberg.

Left: Street art in Kreuzberg by globally-renowned artists Blu/JR

Below: Berlin awaits August for its chance to march - and dance - to the beat of the 'Fuck Parade', an alternative parade which started in 1997 to protest the Love Parade. About 15,000 attended this year's event, which comprised dozens of techno, disco and hardcore gabba floats.

Left: brand-new club mural in Friedrichshain.

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