Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

See Berlin The Way Insiders Do

Unscene Berlin's guides are inveterate night-hawks who love the underground nightlife scene and want to share it with you! Whatever you are into, from dubstep to glitch to punk to psytrance, our guides will help you find it. Not only do our guides have great connections in every scene, they are also friendly, down-to-earth and fun! Basically, being on a tour with Unscene Berlin is like having a night out on the town with a local friend.

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K.I.S.S. (Keep It Small & Simple)

Finding underground venues in Berlin is not the only challenge to short-term visitors; getting in can also be a problem, especially for large groups on a traditional bar crawl or nightlife tour. For this reason, Unscene Berlin Tours only operates small tours with groups of five or less people. That way, the guide can get to know the group on a one-on-one basis and ensure that they end up at where they want... as well as where they are wanted! Small group sizes also mean that you have direct access to a knowledgeable guide for the duration of the tour, who can give you tips and advice for the rest of your stay in Berlin.

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Berlin nightlife is understated, exciting and vast. In one night you can listen to techno on a beach, visit a squatted art gallery and have a drink in a subterranean bar - all before sunrise. But with venues dotted around a sprawling city, it can be difficult for the short-term visitor to crack Berlin's elusive underground scene. This is where Unscene Berlin Tours comes in.
Unscene Berlin Tours offers the intrepid traveler a taste of underground Berlin. Gigs, clubs or festivals; bars, graffiti art or squats - if it is off the beaten track and you want to see it, then Unscene Berlin can take you there.

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